Specialists in Novel Proteins

We were pioneers in the development of formulas specially designed to provide clinical solutions to most dermatological and gastroenterological conditions caused by the consumption of certain ingredients that affect the health of an increasing part of the dog and cat population.

Novel proteins

The novel proteins are those to which pets have not been exposed since they are not usually ingested. This reduces to a minimum the ability to present adverse reactions caused by the consumption of other ingredients more commonly used in the industry.

Agreement with the Institute of Gastroenterology and Veterinary Nutrition

We developed an alliance with the Institute of Veterinary Gastroenterology to spread current knowledge in gastroenterology and nutrition. Field tests of effectiveness in the clinical use of novel proteins are under development, through the selection of patients with gastrointestinal problems, in which it is sought to observe the changes in the intestinal villi when using this type of formulas.

Old Prince




source proteins
that minimize
the odds
of food and skin

Provides a correct balance between the level, quality and origin of proteins

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Animal shelters and rescuers always require extra hands. For this reason, we developed the Old Prince Community, a campaign that accepts that abandoned dogs are a responsibility of the whole society and that the only thing that is needed to help is to have the desire to do so.

→ Buy Old Prince and take the empty container to a shelter
→ We remove the bag and leave them food

→ Swahili recycles them and transforms them into sustainable products so that many people have jobs

→ Together we take care of the planet and help those who need it most

Old Prince

Old Prince is the Premium line of food for dogs and cats. It does not contain soy or its derivatives and uses superior ingredients of natural origin to provide the highest quality. In addition, it has formulas developed according to specific needs, covering all nutritional requirements.



This line has a formulation that incorporates innovative sources of compound salts and low-fermentation fibers that provide beneficial properties for dogs and cats, promoting a healthy state of the body.


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